The process of real-estate development is a fast venture issue and our firm renders expert assistance in undertaking to help in development of Real Estate projects to the utmost satisfaction of its clients, which can be categorized in the following:

  • Market research
  • Site selection
  • Due diligence
  • Property acquisition, perhaps using option to buy
  • Construction
  • Lease Agreements / Sale Agreements
Our firm protects the interest of buyers or sellers of real estate i.e.- of immovable property in the best doable mode to attain maximum success. Real estate law is simply the documentation of buying and selling properties whether commercial or residential in which we are experts. Real estate disputes may escalate to different levels. The manner of resolution can be mediation, arbitration or litigation and we provide such services. Furthermore, we cater the client’s needs and advice for the following:-

  • Acquisition, management and disposal of real estate i.e. immovable property.
  • Real estate lease negotiations
  • Review of Title Deeds
  • Land development. Drafting contracts for businesses and professional advisers
  • Legal advice to property developers and development bodies
  • Termination of contracts and problem-solving related to construction projects