Agreements are the fundamental frame for every industry and institution, linking trade disciplines. Drafting documents is a pecuniary art engraved under the legal system that binds the parties. Our firm provides excellent services for drafting of documents as well as structuring and re-structuring of agreements and / or documents and contracts of any and every nature, keeping all legal aspects intact, national or international and vouching the interest of our client. Few of the major types of agreements are

  • Limited Partnership;
  • Financing-Debt related i.e. credit agreements, banking documents, restructuring agreement by industries, liquidation agreements, collateral & pledge agreements, guarantees, indemnification agreements, etc.;
  • Agency agreements;
  • Corporate management agreements i.e. franchise and dealership, joint ventures, employment, service, labour, internet, limited liability company agreements, marketing, shareholder and stockholder, merger and acquisitions, trust, undertaking;
  • Real Estate-Leases, development agreements, distribution, purchase & re-sale agreements, building management, etc.