Matrimonial ties are often turning negative, resulting in disputes and reconciliations thereto have become difficult, as parties to matrimonial disputes rarely come up for any mutual resolutions. Divorce disputes through collaborative law, arbitration or mediation are being used as a device of resolution in the changing times at various intervals, and upon failure the same need to be decided through the Court of law for which our law firm has expert associates who successfully represent the said disputes in court. Our law firm has expert attorneys dealing with NRI divorce cases and/or with the family law disputes. Though the laws are different from country to country but we provide legal assistance to the needy persons, promptly in accordance to their needs. Specialization to represent before family courts is not our only field but we also represent such disputes before various courts including National Human Rights Commission, other national designated Commissions of women and before various international organizations. Our firm renders advice / opinion in marriage registration, divorce resolutions, child adoption / custody, domestic violence and other family disputes.