The intent of the Legislature to bring the legislation under special statute herein called, “The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002” with the sole purposes to strengthen the economy of the country and to phase-out the ill-gotten money. It has been noticed that the so-called preventive Act has been made for the good cause but the preventive agencies, at times, are harassing and misusing the powers under garb of said Act, resulting the right persons even become the victims of such proceedings. Mr. Bansal, Founder-Sr. Attorney of the Firm has specialization on the subject and is well-known for his defensive skills and to check-out the unwarranted harassed persons from the clutches of such preventive agency. It is made clear by the Apex Court in its countless judgments that a person cannot be held under custody in the circumstances of suspect unless the offence charged for prima facie appears to be made out. The object of custody of a person cannot be invoked as a matter of rule of power; but rule of law should primarily prevail. Offence of Laundering of money is a special subject and it cannot be made parity alike with other penal offences. While dealing with the offence of laundering of money, it requires to be more vigilant at each step of its scrutiny, hence use of intelligence and defensive skill available under various fields of law needs serious attention and for which Mr. Bansal is expertise on this subject of law.