• RSB LEAGUE Consultants, Attorneys & Solicitors has been nominated as the Country-Head Associate Entity to represent overseas investors from India wishing to participate in Paradigm Global Capital LLC’s E-2 and EB-5 Treaty Investment opportunities in USA. The Joint association between Law Firm RSB LEAGUE and Paradigm Global Capital LLC, USA has been ventured to facilitate bilateral investments in USA and India. Through our legal guidance and support, interested clients can avail many exciting investment options/opportunities provided by Paradigm Global which help them obtain United States Visa and perhaps residency in USA. Similarly, through our legal services, the interested clients / US Investors can benefit from abundant opportunities for making investments in specific spheres of growth and development in India and become a part of a robust growth of the Indian economy.

  • Aleja Mireckiego 22 lok. 25

    41-200 Sosnowiec.

    GSM Polska 48 503 166 223

    Fax Polska 48 32 7072037; 7072038

    e-mail: dryps@interia.pl, dryps@dryps.org

    WEB www.dryps.org, www.economic-security.pl

  • The Law Firm has alliances with expert Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants who undertake the following:-
    1. Approval of Prospectus
    2. Asset Management
    3. Merger and Acquisition
    4. Loan Documentation
    5. Management Buy Outs and Buy Ins
    6. Private Placements of Executive & Senior Managers / Board positions
    7. Restructuring and Compliances
    8. Securitization of Movable and Immovable Assets
    9. Stock Exchange listings
    10. Trade Finance
  • RSB LEAGUE has a mutual association with an advisory & management Consultancy Firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, specializing in business set-up and advisory services.